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Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
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Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Resident wellness is a program priority here at Highland Hospital. We believe that the only way to deliver high quality and equitable care to patients is to take care of our residents and to promote self care.

Here are several ways we nurture resident wellness:

Intern/Resident support pods: These are monthly meetings for residents, some of which are moderated by psychologists, that create a safe space for interns and residents to discuss professional and personal issues. These pods are separated by class and are completely confidential. Housestaff are completely protected from clinical duties; pagers are handed over to the attending or chief residents at the beginning of the hour.
Fun time noon conferences and parties: The chief residents hold occasional lunches out on the basketball court for a mid-week breather. There are also other times to socialize during the week day with holiday parties, hallway parties, and after hours get-togethers.
Burnout panel and skills workshop: The first step of preventing burnout is to be able to identify it. Mindfulness and burnout education is an important part of the first intern week orientation. Burnout panel of attendings is also held every year to normalize the feelings and stress that can lead to burnout.  The panel is followed by a skills workshop where residents can discuss coping mechanisms with peers.
Duty hour restrictions: The program strongly adheres to the ACGME duty hours and also adheres to duty hours negotiated through CIR.



Pictures: Left, Chief resident Nasr leads residents in a mediation exercise. Right, Program director, Dr. Subramanian, leads residents through an exercise to identify what drains and energizes us.