Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Research Pathway

Components of Research Pathway

  • UCSF Summer Clinical Research Workshop (Training in Clinical Research Seminar)
    • Offered as a 1 or 2 month curriculum
    • Four courses offered
      • Designed Clinical Research (*recommended) ($1942)
      • Database Management Systems for Clinical Research ($1490)
      • Opportunities and Challenges of Complex Biomedical Data ($1698)
      • Introduction to Statistical Computing in Clinical Research ($1490)
    • Applications due early July
    • Residents are expected to use their own educational funding
    • Residents can also apply for funding through the department of medicine residency program (up to $500) or through RACI. Funding will depend on available funds for each year.
  • Highland RACI Conference
    • Expectation to present at RACI conference once each year
    • Attendance at RACI conferences
  • Alameda Health System IRB
    • Attend at least one IRB session each year - to be signed off by IRB Chair
  • Develop and complete a clinical research proejct
    • Identify clinical research mentor prior to start of pathway elective
    • Develop clinical question
    • Obtain IRB approval
    • Develop feasible study design and identify an appropriate study cohort
    • Data collection
    • Biostatistical analyses
    • Writing and submitting an abstract
    • Writing manuscript
  • Presentation at DOM Grand Rounds during at end of R3
  • Submission of Highland Hospital / ACP Regional meeting
  • Submission of abstract to an appropriate regional or national meeting (in addition to above regional ACP meeting)



To develop introductory exposure to basic fundamentals of clinical research via:

  • Self - directed learning through reading material on clinical research, methodology, and biostatistics
  • Option for formal clinical research instruction at UCSF
  • Understanding of the role and process of the institutional review board
  • Actively participate in RACI seminars to learn from and contribute to monthly research presentations
  • Practical application to focused clinical research project - develop and complete a clinical research project with assistance of research mentor