Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Housestaff Collaboration Committee

The committee is created for the purpose of working with housestaff and ancillary staff to create simple solutions for a more efficient, effective and safer hospital environment. The committee consists of representatives from all residency programs, as well as CIR and hospital administration. The goals of this committee are listed below:

           a. Reduce medical errors that can harm patients

           b. Reduce redundancy that makes for inefficiency

           c. Increase patient hospital experience satisfaction

           d. Increase hospital staff (ancillary staff and housestaff) work satisfaction


Investigations by this committee have led to real time improvements for resdients and staff.

Current projects:

  • Admission medication reconciliation
  • PICC line project to stream line consent process
  • Improving accessibility to PT, OT and speech with contacts on Amion
  • Access to imaging from other AHS affiliated hospitals