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UCSF Teaching Award

Each year the graduating medical school class at UCSF awards clinical faculty members who have been outstanding teachers, mentors and role models to medical students during their clinical years at UCSF.  It is with the utmost pride that I announce that the UCSF School of Medicine Class of 2016 has selected our very own Dr. Taft Bhuket as a recipient for their Teaching Award for Clinical Faculty!!! Here is what one of Taft’s students wrote about him when he was nominated:

“Dr. Bhuket made an incredible amount of time for teaching. He was deeply focused on our learning, often taking several hours per day for medical student teaching. What is more, through many years of teaching, he has come up with many small lectures to explain difficult GI topics. His lectures are short and pithy, and thus easy to remember. Throughout my time on rotation he would refer back to these lectures and quiz us, in order to help us remember them. He did so in a compassionate, friendly way that was not intimidating. In addition, he had a lovely, warm demeanor with patients; and he treated all of us--students, patients, support staff--as colleagues, rather than as members of a hierarchy.”

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Bhuket on this prestigious award.  Thanks, Taft, for everything your do for our students, residents, faculty and patients.  You set the example we all want to follow both as a teacher and as a clinician.

Rachel Baden, MD