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Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
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Irene Yen, PhD, MPH
Division: Internal Medicine
Research Director

Undergraduate School:

Stanford University

Graduate School:

University of California at Berkeley, School of Public Health


University of California at Berkeley

Recent Publications:

Deierlein AL, Galvez MP, Yen IH, Pinney SM, Biro FM, Kushi LH, Teitelbaum S, Wolff MS.  Local food environments are associated with girls' energy, sugar-sweetened beverage, and snack food intakes, Public Health Nutrition, 2014 May 12:1-7.

Shariff-Marco S, Yang J, John EM, Sangaramoorthy M, Hertz A, Koo J, Nelson DO, Schupp CW, Shema SJ, Cockburn M, Satariano WA, Yen IH, Ponce NA, Winkleby M, Keegan THM, Gomez SL. Impact of neighborhood and individual socioeconomic status on survival after breast cancer varies by race/ethnicity: The Neighborhood and Breast Cancer Study. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention 2014; 23(5):793-811.

Yen IH, Fandel Flood J, Thompson H, Anderson LA, Wong G. How design of places promotes or inhibits mobility of older adults: Realist synthesis of 20 years of research. J Aging and Health, 2014, in press.

Anderson LA, Slonim A, Yen IH, Jones DL, Allen P, Hunter RH, Goins RT, Leith KH, Rosenberg D, Satariano W. Developing a Framework and Priorities to Promote Mobility among Older Adults. Health Education and Behavior, 2014, in press.

Yen IH, Leung CW, Lan M, Sarrefzadeh M, Kayekjian KC, Duru OK. A pilot study using global positioning systems (GPS) devices and surveys to ascertain older adults’ travel patterns. J Applied Gerontology 2013, April.

Yen IH, Gregorich S, Cohen A, Stewart A. A Community cohort study about childhood social and economic circumstances: racial/ethnic differences and associations with adult educational attainment and health of older adults. BMJ Open, April 2013.

Kersten E, Laraia B, Kelly M, Adler N, Yen IH. Do small food stores provide access to nutritious foods? Comparing database and store visit measures of the community nutrition environment. Preventing Chronic Disease, 2012, 9:E127. [Note: 2012 Preventing Chronic Disease Student Prize Paper]