Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Resident Life

Residency at Alameda Health System - Highland Hospital exposes residents to a vibrant learning environment as well as the opportunity to live in the beautiful Bay Area. The residency program is dedicated towards balancing service and education with wellness. Here are some highlights of the resident lifestyle.

At Work

Intern Welcome Party 2017

The new interns are welcomed into the Highland Family at the Intern Welcome Party

De-stressing work breaks!

We support wellness though program sponsored work breaks! Basket ball Fridays, water ballon fight, and program leadership hallway parties are a few ways we protect resident wellness.

At Home

Future Highland interns (the babies) and their families meeting for some outdoor fun (above). Holiday parties and gatherings at the categorical retreat (below).

Out and About

Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area is abundant with activities. Here are some of our residents making the most of the beautiful area!