Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System


Weekly Conference Schedule

 Morbidity and Mortality Conference

  • A monthly interactive case-based conference focused on patient safety, quality improvement and education for all Department of Medicine residents and faculty.

Resident Report

  • A bi-weekly evidence-based presentation by a senior resident on a topic of his or her choice featuring board relevant clinical topics.

Morning Report

  • A case-based conference centered on critical thinking and clinical judgment facilitated by residents. Morning report is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Intern Roundtable

  • A case-based conference for interns centered on critical thinking and clinical judgment facilitated by a faculty member.

General Internal Medicine Series

  • An interactive discussion of landmark articles with a focus on interpretation and change of practice to develop lifelong learning in medicine for senior residents.

Primary Care Didactics

  • A dedicated month of learning for primary care residents including a wide array of topics such as medical leadership, motivational interviewing, clinical teaching and quality improvement.

Grand Rounds

  • Weekly update lectures from local medical experts designed to provide continuing medical education.

Noon Conference

  • Daily didactic lectures for residents and interns by faculty and specialists on board relevant topics.

Medical Jeopardy

  • Monthly jeopardy game-style conference stimulating competitive learning in a fun environment for interns, resident and faculty.

Journal Club

  • Monthly presentation and discussion of new and controversial articles led by residents in a stimulating environment with good food and faculty.