Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Bedside Diagnosis Curriculum

Since 2013 Highland faculty have been developing a robust curriculum in bedside diagnosis.  All residents participate in four protected sessions a year, examining real patients with real findings and receiving feedback from faculty on their skills.  Our curriculum is designed to promote high-value care and sharpen clinical reasoning by helping residents gain the skills they need to answer important clinical questions at the bedside using their hands, eyes, and ears.  We take an evidence-based approach to the traditional physical examination, emphasizing powerful findings and explicitly de-emphasizing techniques which, while traditional, don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Below are links to our current modules, and we are developing new ones every year.  Please feel free to use any part of these materials you find useful.

BP and Pulses

Cardiac Auscultation

Disequilibrium (Gait Disturbance)

Dyspnea (JVP)

Edema (Cirrhosis, CHF, Nephrotic Syn)

Focal Weakness (Stroke, Mononeuropathy)

Hands in Systemic Disease

Hands on Lung Exam (PNA, PTX, Effusion)

Headache (Meningitis, SAH, Cranial Nerves)

Hearing Problems (ENT)

Palpitation and Chest Pain (Murmurs)


Shoulder and Knee Pain (MSK Exam)