Department of
Internal Medicine at Highland Hospital
A member of Alameda Health System

Salary & Benefits

Summary of House Staff Benefits for 2018

Salary 2018
Resident Physician I $60,988.84/annually
Resident Physician II $68,578.84/annually
Resident Physician III $71,468.89/annually
Resident Physician IV $75,271.15/annually



Extra Pay for working Holidays Yes
Relocation Allowance $2,000.00 w/out receipts (taxable)
$2,250.00 w/ receipts (non-taxable)
Professional expenses reimbursement for educational materials, laptops, etc... $1,700 / year
DEA License Reimbursement Provided
CA Medical License Reimbursement Provided
Step 3 or Comlex 3 Testing Reimbursement Provided
Vacation 4 calendar weeks / year
Sick Leave 13 days / year
Medical / Dental Health Plans Paid
Vision Care Reimbursement Limited to $200 every 24 months
Disability Insurance Provided
CA Malpractice Insurance Provided
Deferred Compensation Plan Available
Meals While on Duty Free
Lab Coats and Scrubs Provided and Laundered
24 Hour Access Library Available
House Staff Lounge Available

Please refer to the Memorandum of Understanding between Alameda Health System and CIR/SEIU (Committee of Interns and Residents/Service Employees Internaltion Union) for more complete information.

Please refer to our Sample Contract signed by applicants if they match at ACMC